How did it all start and how did the company get where it is today?

Where did Cardon start?

Cardon began with two friends’ idea of founding their own clothing brand. We were unhappy with clothes on the market, which were of variable quality and the high prices of which did not guarantee a good product. Our clothes could wear out before their time or suffer from other manufacturing faults. We heard the same thing from other people, both about men’s and women’s clothes.The ethical problems in the sector raised their head when we were developing the idea of a clothing brand. The sector produces 10% of the world’s carbon footprint and is the world’s second-largest polluter of water. Poor quality is a global problem: a short service life means more clothes and more pollution. The environmental effects of the clothing industry are large, which people do not necessarily view as a problem in the same way as the oil industry, for example.Inspired by this, we decided to launch a brand in which we would, from the start, communicate our values and our desire to make the direction of travel of the clothing industry cleaner, healthier and more transparent. All this, while not forgetting about style and sustainability.

Our goal

Our standards for the brand were set high from the start. We took a long time designing the logos, brainstorming, and looking for the brand feel and atmosphere. After a lot of hard work, we landed on the idea of a diamond created under high pressure and to describe this, we ended up with three Cardon diamonds – all different and unique, but each honed to perfection. Cardon is a clothing brand that grows from stone if required and designs products with careful consideration for each detail.

Our quality requirement

Nowadays, the durability of products increasingly makes the headlines, and our goal is to promote a culture steering away from single-use fashion. In addition, we want that when our customers purchase from us, they know they’ll get a product that has been subjected to rigorous screening and meticulous design work. Small details and materials count in every phase, in order for the product to fit well and look good. To define our own style, we have reviewed an enormous amount of models in the market and backed our research with feedback and opinions in the early design phase.


We produce a diverse range of clothes both for the Finnish and international markets. Our online store delivers Europe-wide, right from the launch date. Our basic collection has been created with a stylish touch, and we intend to carry out versatile experiments in different areas. Our main products include sweatshirts, t-shirts, hoodies and knitwear for both women and men.

Our values

  • quality
  • reliability
  • durability
  • an ethical way of working


To produce durable, good-looking clothes for every-day use, ethically and in high quality.


We extensively study the products and materials available in the market. We choose the products suitable for the brand and develop different alternatives with the producer and designer. From the alternatives, we select the best-suited products and obtain feedback from the customers as early as possible.


Our products are ethical, reliable clothes you can wear for a long time, thanks to their style and durability.


Comfort and durability are our most important criteria in material selections. This has been made possible by Black Moda who has operated in the Finnish market for more than 20 years. We found common ground about the requirements for our products, and together we have been able to develop proprietary material for Cardon. In addition, the company’s values match ours, so the decision has been natural. Black Moda’s factory is located in Portugal, where the working conditions and regulation are at a high European level.


In the technical design work, we employ local services from Silvo Design. They help us realise our demanding needs in clothing line design in order to meet Cardon’s diamond quality requirements. Essential elements in design work are successful pattern design to guarantee fit, and the design of the appearance of the products.